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What it’s like to be a radio DJ and managing my coeliac diagnosis

Aimee Vivian, 31, lives near Milton Keynes. She has been a radio DJ for ten years and has worked for Capital FM for six and a half years.

When I was at university studying dance, I enjoyed hosting our dance shows more than the actual dancing.

I then did student radio and thought, ‘this is great I think I would like to do this full time’. So, when I moved home back to Milton Keynes, I volunteered at my local station, MKFM.

Career highlights and my advice

Getting to host the Jingle Bell Ball in 2019 was a highlight. Also traveling around the world broadcasting shows from beaches and the Love Island villa, and being that voice for people during a global pandemic.

Remember it doesn’t happen overnight, there’s no such thing as a graveyard shift and take every opportunity you can because hard work does pay off and it’s the most rewarding job ever.

Coeliac diagnosis

In 2015, I was diagnosed as coeliac just as I started my Capital career.

I had been poorly and suffering with symptoms for 10 years previously. I had all kinds of scans and tests and eventually, I realised a link between eating bread and pizza and feeling even worse. After several other blood tests, I was diagnosed.

My advice to someone who has recently been diagnosed is don’t be scared. I know it’s overwhelming at first and a lot to process but I promise it gets easier and you’ll find not only will you live a healthier lifestyle, but you will also feel so much better physically and mentally.

Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte is a journalist and the co-founder of The Women's Work Collective.


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