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Top tips for performers on navigating life after the stage

Nicole Louise Geddes is a professional performer turned entrepreneur, starting PerformerPreneur, which helps performers turn their passion in to a business, and her own showbiz side hustle, Manic Stage Productions.

I believe performers make the best entrepreneurs and I am on a mission through my coaching business PerformerPreneur to make performers (past and present) see it and believe it for themselves.

Performers are resilient, passionate and creative. With my knowledge, support and strategic approach there is no limit to their success in a new business spotlight.

Building a profitable side hustle to support your performing career is a surefire way to navigate the famine-and-feast nature of the entertainment industry and by starting now, your small venture will grow into a big business that will ultimately serve as an exit strategy from the entertainment industry.

Many of my clients know they want to pivot long before they take the leap. Performers have endless ideas and enthusiasm and just need a little help with clarity, strategy and direction…

So here are the first five things I encourage my performers (and all aspiring entrepreneurs) to address to help seamlessly step into a new spotlight and confidently shine bright.

1. Understand your why

Clarifying your purpose will keep you motivated and aligned with your goals.

Reflect on what drives you beyond performance. Is it financial stability, creative freedom, or helping others? Your “why” will serve as your guiding light.

2. Cultivate belief in yourself

Confidence is crucial when stepping into entrepreneurship.

Focus on your unique skills and experiences. Remember, the qualities that make you a great performer can also make you a successful entrepreneur.

3. Develop a clear vision

A clear vision helps you set a direction and stay focused on your goals.

Create a vision board or a detailed plan outlining where you want to be in the next one to to years. Visualising your future helps in making it a reality.

4. Align with your core values

Your values will guide your business decisions and ensure your showbiz side hustle aligns with your personal and professional identity.

Identify your core values and ensure your business reflects them. This alignment will attract clients who resonate with your ethos.

5. Set realistic success markers

Setting achievable goals helps you measure progress and stay motivated.

Break down your big goals into smaller, manageable milestones. Celebrate each success to maintain momentum and build confidence.

By focusing on your why, cultivating belief in yourself, developing a clear vision, aligning with your core values, and setting realistic success markers, you CAN pivot from performance to entrepreneurship with confidence and clarity.

My best-selling book ‘The Showbiz Side Hustle Handbook’ delves deeper into these five thought-provoking points, as well as addressing some of the worries and blocks that keep you stuck. But my best and most celebrated chapter is section A – ACTION!

I myself have taken ‘Action!’ this year with the creation of my podcast by the same name, launching in July. I simply want as many performers and people as possible to realise their potential and free themselves of the “just a performer” label they have placed on themselves. So many of my clients have broken out of the struggling artist box and used their creativity and tenacity to level up financially, support their industry career and secure their future.

Nicole Louise Geddes is a professional performer turned multi-passionate entrepreneur. She is the founder of two successful businesses; PerformerPreneur (her pandemic pivot) and her own showbiz side hustle, Manic Stage Productions, which she started way back in 2005 whilst still performing professionally as a dancer, singer and circus artist. She also runs a free Facebook group PerformerPreneur | The Side Hustle Hub.

Read Nicole’s business story here: Why I set up a platform for showbiz side hustles



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