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Kickboxing champion on how she got into the sport

Jessica Fleischer shares her kickboxing journey and why she's set up a coaching business to help others get into the sport.

Jessica Fleischer, 27, is a two-times English kickboxing champion and second-degree black belt.

She is currently a kickboxing coach, with a focus on fitness and fun to create a wholehearted approach to health and well-being.

How did you get into kickboxing?

I began kickboxing nine years ago with one year out. Three years very causally, just for fitness, then six years of intense training, often at least five or six times per week.

It appealed to me from the age of 15 but I lacked the confidence to begin. At 19 my boyfriend got me involved. I enjoyed it, even though it was tough!

How did it feel to become English kickboxing champion?

Amazing. Such a sense of triumph and almost disbelief. I had spent so many years admiring champions; it was almost unbelievable that it had now become my own identity!

Tell us what you love about the sport?

I love the respect it creates amongst opponents and the bond between coach, fighter and teammates. In my opinion, it cannot be rivalled.

Coaching comes naturally to me; I love working with people. I love learning and personal development and I love being able to help people with their own learning and progress.

Tell us about the challenges you’ve faced.

I had a lot of losses in the beginning and it was tough to keep going. But I overcame them by having a high level of resilience and determination alongside fantastic coaches to support me and help me learn and improve from them

I had a tough childhood and I struggled through my teenage years.

My mission is to use what I have learned, through overcoming adversity, to inspire and educate others to work towards creating their own success.

What’s your advice for budding kickboxers?

Find the right place to train. Clubs vary greatly and not all will appeal to you! If you are anxious, perhaps a friend will join you? Also, getting started is the most difficult part! Once you get going, you’ll love it!

And, don’t use ‘I’m not fit enough’ as an excuse – you never will be if you keep telling yourself this. This is why I named my business ‘I am Fighting Fit’.

Feel free to follow me, I am creating a community through my closed Facebook group, so if you wish to reach out to me and learn more, please feel free to join.

Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte is a journalist and the co-founder of The Women's Work Collective.


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