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Waxy Wonders: Young entrepreneurs launch business during lockdown

Young entrepreneurs Savannah Paterson and Stazi Odor on why they started their own company during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Two friends Savannah Paterson and Anastazia (Stazi) Odor decided to use lockdown as an opportunity to start their very own business. It’s a hard time to start a business for even the most experienced entrepreneur, but the thing that’s most impressive about the two founders of handmade candle retailer Waxy Wonders is that they are 11 years old.

The schoolgirls said instead of wasting their time online during the lockdown, they learned how to make candles, experimented with different scents and built a brand.

How Waxy Wonders began

“We first got the idea as we were really bored in lockdown,” Savannah explained. “Our parents didn’t want us on social media the whole time.”

Stazi added: “At the start, it was lots of experimenting.”

As the girls started creating their candles and making different blends, they realised they wanted their products to be cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. So they worked on making non-toxic soy candles with tin and glass containers.

On looking after the environment, Stazi said: “We have learned all about it at school. We don’t put plastic or parabens in our candles.”

Now the young entrepreneurs have an online store selling dozens of handmade soy candles, with names like ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Pink Waves’.

They have sold more than 100 candles so far, and have also launched a Christmas collection.

It’s been a learning curve for the pair, who have been involved with every aspect of setting up the business, with their parents help.

Stazi explained: “We have learned how to create candles, how much money is worth, how to create a website and how to promote our selves on social media.”

Savannah said: “It feels really exciting. Sometimes it has been a bit scary, but it has been really fun.”

What’s next for Waxy Wonders

The next stage will be selling their wares at markets in their local area.

“It has all been online so far so we trying to take it out into the world,” Savannah said.

So what inspired the pair to start the business at such a young age?

Stazi said: “Both of our mums run businesses. We have seen them doing spreadsheets and asking them what they’re doing and you help them and think it’s really fun. You think, ‘I would like to start a business’. Our parents have been really encouraging.”

Savannah added: “We’ve seen that they’re happy when they’ve sold another product, so it’s exciting to start that ourselves.”

Ben, Savannah’s dad, said: “Savannah wants to be a businesswoman when she grows up and Stazi as well. We’re really proud of them.”

To find out more about Waxy Wonders, visit:

Bex Bastable
Bex Bastable
Bex is a journalist and the co-founder of The Women's Work Collective.


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