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Sharing gratitude: Why I started The Grateful Hearts Club

Charla Grant, 37, lives in Southsea, as is the founder of The Grateful Hearts Club, which produces gratitude cards.

I’ve designed a set of cards with a space to write what you are grateful for. There are 50 cards in a set, each with its own envelope so you can share them with others.

Pin them to a board, put them in a gratitude jar or even leave for someone to find in a random act of kindness (one of our favourite methods). Each set is letterbox sized and the cards and packaging are fully recyclable.

How did the Grateful Hearts Club begin?

I started working with a creative friend (@alana_illustrations) in around February 2019 and by June we had created the logo and I was ready to share what I had learnt about gratitude.

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I’ve always been quite a creative person but didn’t really know how to channel it. I sadly experienced a darker side of life in 2013 that left me questioning what my purpose was.

As a positive person who has a lot to give, I needed to find a way back to me; practising gratitude on a daily basis helped me do this. I had to re-train myself to think about all the lovely things I did have rather than what was missing.

Gratitude cards from The Grateful Heart Club
Gratitude cards from The Grateful Heart Club


Why I think it is important to practice gratitude

The world is a really difficult place right now and I feel more than ever that people need positive tools and self-care practises to help them. Also knowing that The Grateful Hearts Club may have a positive effect on someone, fills me with so much joy!

I absolutely LOVE the thought of the warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude weaving its way around the world. Each time a set of cards are sent, it’s 50 opportunities to create some happiness.

My journey

After many unsuccessful attempts at trying to start a family and losing our daughter Olive in childbirth, I’ve been on such a journey of emotional growth and self-development. I’m on a quest to find my legacy and am using this project to put everything I’ve learnt so far to good use.

My job is as a freelance business consultant and copywriter. I love to help new and existing businesses flourish and grow.

My advice to others

I would really encourage my younger self to be more courageous and to make more mistakes! I have such a habit of not wanting to fail that it stopped me from being brave enough to try.

The most important relationship you’ll ever have with anyone is YOU. Talk kindly to yourself, trust your instincts and be relentless in quest your for happiness.

Also… you can do anything you put your mind to! Be bold and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just remember to learn, grow and always reflect with kindness.

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Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte is a journalist and the co-founder of The Women's Work Collective.


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