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How I became a professional dancer – and even worked on Strictly

Chloe Hewitt, 23, is a professional dancer and appeared in Strictly Come Dancing.

My name is Chloe and I am a professional dancer.

I started dancing at the age of seven and fell in love from my very first step.

How it all began

When I was 11 I attended my first competition with my dance partner AJ Pritchard. We were 100 per cent committed and soon flew to the top of the charts by winning all our major competitions.

I never really had a normal childhood but travelling the world and doing what I loved outweighed all of that.

Appearing on TV

In 2013 we were scouted to appear on ITV’s hit talent show Britain’s Got Talent. We had the most incredible experience and made it all the way to the live semi-finals.

When I was 19 years old AJ and I won the World Open Championships in Blackpool. This was the moment we had trained for and it had finally happened.

Strictly Come Dancing…

When we thought life couldn’t get any better we were approached at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool by the producer of Strictly Come Dancing asking us if we would both like to audition for the show. This was a dream come true as I’d watched the show since I was eight years old, and always said I was going to be on the show one day.

After the most nerve racking audition we both got offered the job and appeared as the youngest ever professionals in 2016.

I had the most incredible two years on the show and learnt so much. Strictly opened up so many avenues for me and ones I never thought I’d walk down in my career. I learnt to take every opportunity as it comes.

The best job in the world

Over the past couple of years I’ve really had the time to find myself as a person and start to put myself first, make decisions for myself and do what makes me happy.

Being a dancer is the best job in the world but it can be very tough. I never really went to friends’ parties and lived away from my parents from the age of 11.

On the outside people always see the pretty dresses and travelling the world but no-one ever sees the blood, sweat and tears that goes into it all.

I’m now headlining my own tour with the gorgeous Dianne Buswell and Amy Dowden in our show Here Come the Girls.

Follow your dreams

My advice to anyone out there with a dream is to stick at it.

Never give up, and never listen to the people who tell you that you can’t achieve that dream, because you can.

Work hard and you’ll be living your dream.

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Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte is a journalist and the co-founder of The Women's Work Collective.


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