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Why I set up a podcast to help people through dark times

Bianca Braithwaite, 31 from Portsmouth UK, has a podcast, runs a series of mindset workshops called Mindset Maintenance and teaches Body Combat.

My podcast was set up to create a raw and honest space to talk about mental health, alcohol use and positive thinking amongst other things.

I like to interview people that have been through hard times and come through the other side, finding out how they got through.

I figured if it can help at least one person and they can relate to it and not feel so alone then that’s great. And maybe they can listen to what tools others used to get through.

I also run a series of mindset workshops called Mindset Maintenance. It used to be called Support Society but we’re going through a rebrand at the moment!

Finding an outlet

I love Body Combat because it has helped me through some really dark times, I was actually going through my training when my aunty was sadly murdered.

Body Combat has been a constant in my life and a place I can be me. It’s also a great workout with such great energy.

Advice to my younger self

Stop taking advice from people that you wouldn’t go to for help.

Also, many people have such strong opinions… do what YOU want to do, because you will probably be criticised anyway. It’s your life, not theirs.

My future self

In five years’ time, I see myself with a much more established brand.

My personal brand/side gig has been a bit inconsistent over the last couple of years because trying to navigate a pandemic, full-time job and lots of side ones gets a bit much!

Luckily I have found my feet a lot over the last months and have lots of exciting things going on this year.

My advice

For anyone setting up a podcast or starting anything in general, just do it. Don’t sit for too long working out how, you will figure it out. I put way too much pressure on myself for it having to be perfect… it doesn’t.

Also, don’t make other creators think you’re a bad human if you miss a month or need to have a break, once you have to sacrifice your mental health then it’s no longer fun.

Just enjoy it and remember it’s your project, you can run it now you wish. People love to see other people being human.

To find out more, follow @missm1ndset and @mindset_maintenance on Instagram.

Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte is a journalist and the co-founder of The Women's Work Collective.


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