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Getting ahead: Find out what excites you and choose a job you love

Kitty Waters is the founder of Kitty Talks and is a transformational teacher and serial entrepreneur based in Sussex.

Step one looked at unlocking your passion. Step two was about embracing who you are. For step three, look at getting ahead while following your highest excitement.

Guiding your inner sat nav

Think of your excitement like a compass, with your inner sat nav guiding you in the direction of your dreams. 

This may sound cheesy but it’s true.

If it excites you, you are going to want to do it more, therefore you are bound to work harder and be more successful.

Plus it does not feel like work because it makes your heart sing.

Do what you love

Parents want their child to be safe and secure and quite often will discourage them from doing things like acting and singing. Mainly because they want them to get a ‘proper job’.

Parents do this out of love, but actually trying to control and stifle their dream is the worst thing a parent can do.

Love and support

One of my dharma students decided she was ready to book her dream course and fly hundreds of miles to take it. She didn’t know where she was going to stay at the time but she went out and did it anyway. 

When we are passionate about what we are doing we literally give off more energy, we vibe higher, we are happier and that is reflected back to us.

The crazy synchronicities that occur are nothing short of miracles.

Kitty Waters

About Kitty

Kitty’s mission is to empower people to do their dharma and create the life of their dreams.

She is the co-creator of The Network for Transformational Leaders, a non-profit and peer group for people doing Transformation work.

Kitty has a 20-year background in business, having built departments and companies from scratch, she was a shareholder in a James Cann Recruitment firm (Dragons Den) Business which sold for £52 million in 2015.

Kitty launched Kitty Talks in the spring of 2017. Her coaching and the Kitty Talks Podcast de-mystifies ‘dharma’ for people to make the concept clear and understandable.

She is also a fully trained Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner.

Connect with Kitty

To find out more visit:
Twitter – @kittywaters
Instagram – kitty_talks
YouTube Channel – Kitty Talks



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