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My job as a cosmetic chemist mixes art and science

Lucy Simpson, age 27, lives in Morley, Leeds, and works at Orean Personal Care.

I started my cosmetic science journey 18 months ago.

A cosmetic scientist, also known as a cosmetic chemist or development chemist, develops and formulates skincare, personal care and colour cosmetics for manufacturers.

How my career in cosmetics began

I embarked on this career path after meeting our technical director Laura Kirkbride. Laura told me about Orean and asked me if I would like to become part of her team.

In January 2020 I started as a development technician and have enjoyed my career from day one. I flourished as a technician in the lab and was offered the opportunity to develop my career further and become an entry-level development chemist. Soon I will be enrolled in the SCS Diploma of Cosmetic Science where I can receive certification of my knowledge and work.

I studied health and social care and health sciences at college and enjoyed science at school.

What my job is like day to day

My job is so different each day, it’s never repetitive!

It can be Zoom calls with my customers one day, experimenting in the lab the next day, researching and attending webinars and writing up formulas the next.

A mix of science and art

The job for me is like science and art as there is lots of science and experimenting behind the scenes and the end result always feels like a beautiful creation!

I never thought of this career path previous to meeting our tech director, but I feel I have finally found what I was ‘meant to do’.

To anyone who is interested in science, it is such an open book and there are endless opportunities in the realm of science careers. Some careers like my own are almost like a mix of science and art.

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Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte is a journalist and the co-founder of The Women's Work Collective.


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