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How I help people improve their confidence with House of Colour

Lucia Basmadjian, 28, lives in Horsham, West Sussex. She is an image consultant for House of Colour and a senior hairstylist at Studio2 in Horsham.

I have been in the hair industry for 11 years, three years as an apprentice.

After my apprenticeship, my boss took me to have my colour and style done by our local consultant. The point behind the gift was to help me roughly identify what colour would suit my clients the best, and help me get the client’s hairstyle right too. I completely fell in love with it, this knowledge was a game changer! I used it to go up the ladder as quickly as I could, which I did.

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Fast forward to 2019, I needed to feed my soul with something new but didn’t want to give up hair. I knew immediately that House of Colour was what I wanted to do. The whole thing changed my life so why wouldn’t I want to help others change theirs? It really was as simple as that, it just fell on my lap.

The common questions I get asked

What is going to suit me best? I want a change but I don’t know what?

That is why I fell in love with House of Colour, it has allowed me to answer those questions with facts that are true to the person. Our hair is the hat we can never take off, so making sure it completely suits that person is so important

The same for our image, my clients will always ask what it is that will suit them best. However, it is my job to be asking all the questions. I need to be finding out all about who they are. What do they do? Are they a mum or dad? Hobbies? All these questions help me answer all their questions with absolute confidence. Hoping to eliminate those questions in the future.

What a House of Colour consultant does

We all deserve to know the confidence that comes from feeling amazing every time we get dressed. That’s exactly what I do! I help women and men find themselves through the expression of clothes and colour and everything else in between.

I feel like self-confidence is a real problem nowadays and I know from experience how life-changing it really is. It’s just one little problem I can help illuminate from people’s lives. I can also help create easy and quick makeup lessons for women and men in colours that make them look their best. So, if there is a new job coming up or a big event, I can help get rid of the awful anxiety I know lots of us have when trying to find something to wear.

What I love about what I do

So many things. My main one is that I get to be creative almost every day, in one way or another.

I get to meet so many different people and hear so many different stories.

My advice

DO IT! I will not deny the hard work and long hours but I do get 100% job satisfaction.

I work alongside all different types of people, all with different strengths and weaknesses. The one thing we have in common is that we genuinely believe in and love the services we provide. So, if you believe it, you can do it.

Cut yourself some slack! I did not know what I wanted to do when I was at school, even at college I was unsure. I was so sure I had to go to university like everyone else, just because that is apparently how it’s meant to go. So yeah, cut yourself some slack and spend more time doing things that really make you happy. I could say I wish I did it sooner but actually, I really enjoyed my time in education, and I wouldn’t change my journey at all.

What makes someone confident

True confidence comes from the inside out. Your confidence is knocked when you are not being true to who you are. When you can self-express through something like clothes and colour, you are allowing the world to see YOU. That might seem a bit scary to start with but oh my god it’s addictive when you get going.

I am just one of a huge network of House of Colour consultants worldwide. You can find your local consultant at

Follow Lucia on Instagram @Luciahanoush_hair and @Lucia_imageconsultant

Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte is a journalist and the co-founder of The Women's Work Collective.


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