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Body positivity: How I use my illustrations as a force for good

Zoë Jackson is an illustrator working from her studio in sunny East Sussex. Her work explores the human form and its place in nature along with themes of mindfulness and body positivity with the use of bold colours and line. 

To be comfortable in your own skin no matter who you are is something I believe in strongly, whilst also struggling with it every day. And I am certain it’s not just me.

The body positivity movement has been the encouraging beacon so many needed. A sigh of relief and encouragement to celebrate everyone’s individuality and show ourselves a bit of much-needed self love.

My work

As an illustrator, my work often features the female form and I am always pushing to make my works more inclusive and representative in an attempt to challenge societal norms and expectations.

Body positivity illustrations
100% That Bitch

Like a lot of people of my generation, I grew up before the time of body positivity and see the effects this had. And I’m doing what I can to contribute to the change needed to stop the negative effects of growing up in a society where body image is dictated by an unachievable media image of perfection.

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How I got my self esteem back after working in fashion

This seems increasingly important as we have never been more surrounded by marketing imagery from advertising to influencer culture. But as image-makers, creatives have never been in a better position to take matters into their own hands, use their skills to spread positivity on social media and make more voices heard.

Picture: Josh Alliston

A force for good

I love the idea of using illustration as a force for good to make positive changes and challenge societal norms by celebrating all body types rather than creating an ‘us and them’ mentality; to be truly inclusive and just as diverse as the people that should be represented and celebrated.

Body positivity illustrations
Extinction Rebellion

Illustration has a history of rebellion and protest, often used as symbols of movements to make real societal change. Its role in the body positivity movement is no different.

I will always try to be a tiny part of this movement for representation and inclusivity and will continue to let this inspire my work along with themes of mindfulness, self-care and feminism.

To find out more, visit: or follow Zoe on Instagram and Facebook.

Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte is a journalist and the co-founder of The Women's Work Collective.


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