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What it’s like to be a personal stylist

Leanne Bodis is a personal stylist and confidence coach based in West Sussex.

I have always loved fashion but helping people feel amazing is where my real passion lies.

As cliche as it sounds – a lot of hard work! I had a weekend job in a small boutique in my village and loved how happy and confident it made people when we found them the perfect outfit. I began to apply for as many opportunities as possible and one day landed the role within a big department store.

In my job, I have styled shoots for several small independent brands and businesses and have dressed celebrities for the red carpet. I find it so exciting every time I find a new brand I love and get to share it with my clients.

In 2018 I went freelance and haven’t looked back! Going freelance meant I was able to work with clients in their own homes too, allowing me to spend time teaching my tips and tricks as well as boosting their confidence so much more.

What I love most about my job

The way I help people feel and the relationships I build with all of my clients. Receiving messages saying how amazing people feel after a styling session will never get old!

I love the freedom and excitement of being able to work on something completely new every day.

What a personal stylist does

I work with all of my clients one to one so everything is tailored to them. I am lucky enough to be working the red carpet one day and then helping find a mother of the bride the perfect outfit.

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We discuss not only how they want to look in their outfits but how they want to feel too. My three services are wardrobe detoxes, styling sessions and virtual lookbooks. Each week is totally different but generally, I am pulling pieces for clients, creating tailored lookbooks or helping them in their own wardrobes.

I once had a client call me on the day of a big work conference, she had left her bag on the train so we had about 30 minutes to create a capsule edit for the meetings!!

It was a challenge but we did it. She even text me the next day to say how many people complimented her outfits!

If you want to be a personal stylist

Say yes to as many opportunities as you can, making a good first impression goes a long way and build genuine relationships – you never know who may know someone!

Worry less about what others are doing. I chose not to go to university and almost all of my friends did. I constantly questioned if I was making the right choice. Looking back, following my gut and doing my own thing was the best decision I made!

The key to being confident

Push yourself out of your comfort zone every day. Whenever you find yourself worrying try to flip it- change “what if something bad happens” to “the best outcome would be…”



Charlotte Harding
Charlotte Harding
Charlotte is a journalist and the co-founder of The Women's Work Collective.


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